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14. konferencia vydavateľstva Macmillan Education
v Žiline - 21. apríla 2018

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"Teach BIG - Teach for LIFE"

Vydavateľstvo Macmillan Education organizuje tento rok konferenciu pre učiteľov anglického jazyka všetkých typov škôl v Žiline 21. apríla (sobota) 2018

14. konferencia sa uskutoční v sobotu, 21. apríla 2018 na Žilinskej univerzite v Žiline. Aj toho roku sa môžete tešiť na skvelých lektorov a v závere konferencie na vás čaká opäť prekvapenie.

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Lektori, ktorí sa zúčastnia na konferencii

  • Zoltán Rézműves – Teacher Trainer, Hungary
  • Martin Jelínek  – Teacher Trainer, Bright House Language Institute, Slovakia
  • Daniela Clarke – Teacher Trainer, Czech republic
  • Vladimíra Skopcová - Teacher Trainer, Czech republic
  • Eva Balážová - Teacher Trainer, Slovakia


zoltan rezmuvesZoltán Rézműves
Zoltán Rézműves has been involved in ELT since 1990. He worked for Oxford University Press (OUP) as editor and project manager between 1999 and 2011. As a teacher trainer, he has given talks in over 30 countries worldwide. In 2012, he set up his own publishing services company, Consonant Kiadó, and currently works as freelance ELT author, teacher trainer, and editor. He is co-author Achieve (OUP), Straight to Advanced (Macmillan) and Oxford Exam Trainer (OUP), and Teacher’s Book author of Project 4th edition (OUP) as well as Ready for Advanced (Macmillan), and the Think and Citizen Z series (CUP). He was elected Vice-President of IATEFL-Hungary in 2017.

The learner in charge: developing student autonomy Plenary
To learn a language successfully, students must become able to take control of their own learning – to develop their autonomy in determining not only what they learn, but also how they learn it. How can we, teachers help them become independent? In this talk, I will explore the importance of student autonomy, and what it means in our daily teaching practice.

Developing speaking skills for exams (Adult/Exam/Secondary)
Productive skills are often considered difficult to develop for examinations. What are the ingredients of exam success? How can we best prepare our learners for the what is expected of them at the exam? How can we help them overcome potential difficulties? The workshop will offer some practical activity ideas to develop skills for typical speaking exam tasks.


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Martin Jelínek
Martin Jelínek has over 15 years experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, and educational consultant in Europe and Central America. Martins main specialization is in secondary and adult language teaching where he focuces on teaching and learning innovation, communication and presentation skills. Besides running his own business, Martin is also an active Cambridge Oral Examiner. He is listed with Macmillan Education as a freelance Teacher Trainer and regularly delivers talks/workshops at venues at home and internationally.

VISUALLY WIRED (Upper Primary/Lower Secondary/Upper-Secondary)
This workshop provides practical and inspirational session, presenting new and student centred tendencies in ELT, it will also teach you how to provide nurturing context for learning and how to become a better teacher / facilitator in this ever growing digital era where the attention span of students shortens rapidly. 

#shareastory (All levels)
#shareastory is a ready-made lesson/workshop which focuses on different types of revising, practicing and maintaining the vocabulary or/and grammar structure already acquired by learners or helping learners to remember it better through games, specifically stories that learners create themselves. Each story has a hidden message, and nobody knows how it ends, every story is a different story as we have our own stories to tell. It is aimed at a range of levels, from elementary to advanced. This workshop allows teachers to refresh their repertoire without photocopying and preparation and helps us (teachers) react to learner’s needs as they arise. Conversation, Function, Grammar and Vocabulary are in all stories to be told. #shareastory


Daniela Clarke 90Daniela Clarke
Daniela Clarke is a teacher, teacher trainer, ELT writer and subject learning coach. She has been involved in ELT for over 20 years, mainly in the UK and the Czech Republic. Her teaching experience ranges from young learners to adults of all language levels and competences, and her teacher training experience covers training on the Trinity Cert TESOL and Exam Assessors Courses. Daniela currently works as a teacher trainer and an ELT consultant, and presents regularly at ELT conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. She is especially interested in the theory of learning, motivational teaching strategies and tactile learning.

Ideas For Mixed Ability Classes (Upper-Secondary/Adult/Exam)
In this seminar we will explore the challenges teachers face when teaching teenage and young adult classes with mixed learning abilities. We will look at why classes have mixed abilities and at activities that can help the teacher find a balance to keep the strongest and the weakest students on board, addressing the needs of a wide range of learner abilities, sensory learning styles and levels within the class.

Keeping Their Attention (Primary/Upper-Primary)
In this workshop we will look at a variety of activities for young learners which help hold their attention through a blend of play, moving around, creating etc. The activities demonstrated in the workshop not only expose YL to the target language in meaningful and relevant ways, but also help them acquire effective learning strategies and develop their thinking skills. 


vladka skopcovaVladimíra Skopcová
Vladimíra Skopcová has over 15 years experience of teaching both young learners and adults in a range of situations. Having completed her CELTA and DELTA, she started working as a DOS and a TEFL trainer. Vlaďka currently devides her time between teaching and teacher training. She has been working for Macmillan Education since 2014.

Grammar in Games (Pre-Primary/Primary)
Are you having a dilemma how to present grammar to your pupils in an enjoyable way so they would have fun and not feel frustrating? Let’s see how to find an interesting context and a playful way to present grammar with blocks to help pupils to visualize the structure and acquire the rules quickly and easily. You will get a lot of ideas for practical activities and games.

Teaching Communicative Skills (Primary/Lower-Secondary)
Even young learners can communicate perfectly in English. This practical seminar focuses on various procedures and activities that will enable teachers to avoid using their native language during the lesson. Students will not just learn isolated expressions without context, but they will be able to speak naturally in everyday situations.


balazova tn

Eva Balážová
Eva is a qualified English and Slovak teacher and has taught EFL for 14 years . She studied English at Mathei Bel University where she got inspired by her teacher Michael Houten who had been working for British Council in Slovakia. During her university studies she taught English at an experimental alternative primary school and gave her first workshopr for teachers. Later she improved her qualification in ELT methodology courses in Exeter and Oxford. She also became an approved Oxford Teachers´ Academy trainer and has trained teachers for 9 years. Currently she is running her own language school Lingua Credo in Zvolen.

Bring their life into the classrom (Upper-Secondary)
This workshop presents practical tips for English lessons full of thought provoking topics and personalized activities that appeal to adolescent students, attract their attention and encourage indirect learning. We will look at the ways of how to activate grammar, vocabulary and functional language in a natural way that eliminates student´s resistance and help to engage them.  The ideas presented in the session are useful especially for secondary teachers.

Vocabulary development and memory (Upper-Primary/Secondary)
Vocabulary and functional language seem to be a crucial resource for active communication in English.  However, teachers often struggle with motivating adolescent students to learn vocabulary at home. This practical seminar shows some useful classroom activities that train student´s memory and help to activate and extend student´s  vocabulary within the school lesson time. 


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