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30. 3., 18. 4. a 16.5. 2023 od 17:00 - 18:30 hod.

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                                           THEIR EXAM SUCCESS?

Teaching large groups of teenagers and young adults can be quite a challenge these days.
We need to ensure that they’ll cope with end-of-school exam demands – but also attend to
their mood swings and rapidly changing engagement levels. This is exactly where this webinar
series intends to help.

Register today and learn how you can design truly fantastic, engaging and effective lessons
for your secondary learners, with minimum preparation and maximum impact! Collect a set of
unique post-webinar materials, including a certificate of attendance and presentation slides.

30 March 2023   17:00 – 18:30  Register now 

Daniela Clarke

A brief overview of the research into key teaching challenges facing Czech and Slovak
teachers at secondary schools today

Jacek Łagun

A gateway to mixed ability in secondary schools

We are all well-aware of what the challenges of having students of different levels in the same
secondary classroom: the better ones become bored rather quickly while the weaker tend to
feel discouraged by the daunting amount of work they believe they have to do. And, in the
of that, it is us the teachers: teaching something that seems too obvious and
uninteresting for the high 
flyers, and scary and seemingly unattainable for the underachievers.

In my session, I would like to share some practical ideas, tried-and-tested with a lot of my
teenage learners, on how we can quickly and without too much effort use the very natural fact
that some of our students are better than others, to the benefit of everyone involved in the
process of teaching and learning English at secondary school level. Some materials and
activities will come from Gateway to the World, a great new teenage course series brought
to you and your learners by Macmillan.

18 April 2023   17:00 – 18:30  Register now 

Czesław Kinski

A gateway to engagement with teenage students

It is not uncommon to hear fellow teachers expressing their worries about the falling levels
of engagement among high school learners. Even though the pandemic appears to have
been brought under control a while ago, its aftermath is still visible as many teenagers s
truggle with problems ranging from screen time issues to serious emotional problems.
No wonder then that becoming involved in lessons at school may seem a troublesome task
to them.

In my session, I would like to demonstrate that while the situation described above is both
real and challenging, there are still a few strategies we can adopt in order to increase learner
engagement. Far from offering magical tricks, I’ll focus on the simple yet effective solutions
that I use in my daily work with my students. My intention is to show that acknowledging our
students’ emotions, boosting their confidence and increasing content relevance can work
wonders in this difficult reality that we find ourselves in. Some of the materials and tasks in
my workshop will come from Gateway to the World, a new teenage course series for teenagers
published by Macmillan.

16 May 2023   17:00 – 18:30  Register now 

Daniela Clarke

A gateway to mastering Maturita Exam speaking!

Students lacking confidence, struggling to express their ideas in English, finding a lengthy
talk on one topic challenging … we all have them in our classrooms! But how to help teenage
learners become more confident, fluent and accurate speakers of English?

In my session, I will share some tips on how to help learners improve their speaking skills
for the Maturita Speaking Exam, whilst having fun and feeling motivated. We will look at some
activities from the Maturita edition of Gateway to the World, and some unique content, written
especially with the view of helping Czech and Slovak students prepare for the Maturita exam.