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Martin Jelínek - Košice

15. 2. od 10:00 hod. do 12:30 hod.

15. 2. 2019 od 10:00 do 12:30, Kultúrno-vzdelávacie centrum pri ŠVK, Pribinova 1, Košice

Lektor: Mgr. Martin Jelínek

martin jelinek

Martin Jelínek has over 15 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, and educational consultant in Europe and Central America. Martin’s main specialisation is in secondary and adult language teaching where he focuses on teaching and learning innovation, communication and presentation skills. Besides running his own business, Martin is also an active Cambridge Oral Examiner. He is listed with Macmillan Education as a freelance Teacher Trainer and regularly delivers talks/workshops at venues at home and internationally.

How to help teens with their speaking - for exams and beyond

Speaking, like any other life skill, needs time and practice to develop. However, as well know it, practice does not always make perfect. Our teenage students may be quite willing to speak, but they will not always be precise and accurate enough to do well in an exam. As current research shows, in order to develop and refine a skill, it is not enough to repeat the same tasks over and over again mindlessly (as is often the case with oral exam tasks). When engaged in a speaking task, students need our feedback, but they also need to be able to monitor themselves and reflect on what they are doing. As always, the question is how. That’s just what I intend to deal with in this session. I’ll argue that we need a clear, well-structured, step-by-step approach, which cares both about micro- and macro-speaking skills, and which develops accuracy and fluency at the same time.

Gateway to Gateway

Are we giving learners a clear idea of how they use the structure in real-life situations? Martin Jelinek will introduce methodology that emphasises the purposeful, real-life use of grammar, not just the focus on form. We will take a look at a variety of contexts or situations in which the structure can be used and then make the structure more meaningful and therefore easier to understand, produce and retain.

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