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Eva Balážová - seminár pre základné školy, Zvolen

od 10:00 hod. do 12:30 hod.

12. 4. 2019 od 10:00 do 12:30, Centrum voľného času Domino, Bela IV. 1567/6, Zvolen

Lektor:  PaedDr. Eva Balážová

Words, phrases, texts and memory
Vocabulary and phrases seem to be a crucial resource for active communication in English. However, teachers often struggle with motivating pupils to learn vocabulary at home. This practical session shows simple, fun and useful activities that train young learners´ memory and help to activate and extend their vocabulary within the school lesson time. Activities are best done with pupils frm 6 – 12.

Give Me Five: 5 steps to fluent speaking
Is fluent and natural speaking at primary school level a myth or an achievable goal? What can teachers do to get pupils speak? This workshop introduces five inspirative techniques that enhance fluent speaking. The point is to integrate speaking practice into all parts of English language teaching and to take every opportunity for speaking provided in the coursebook material. The activities are suitable for pupils from 10 – 15.

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