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Young learners in the BUGS WORLD

23.3., 19. 4. a 24.5.2023

BW webinar 1


 23rd March – 24th May 2023

Teaching large groups of young learners (often with a lot of different needs) can be a challenge. We want to keep all kids engaged and give them necessary support.

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23 March 2023  17:15 – 18:15 Register now

Once upon a time, there was a … big class!

How to build engaging lessons for large groups of young learners.

In this session, I will show how you can truly engage a large group of 7-8-year-olds by

building your lessons around a great story. We’ll explore lots of hands-on activities, all related to short, illustrated children’s stories. You’ll see for yourself how fantastic they are as a tool to capture the imagination of your students and spark their curiosity in learning. And how such lessons will keep all children motivated and eager to communicate from day one.


19 April 2023   17:15 – 18:15    Register now

All senses on board!

How to teach mixed-ability classes of YLs.

In this session, I will present and discuss a lot of classroom activities which respond to different skills, diverse backgrounds, and unique learning needs of your young students. I’ll share my best tips on how to use visual aids, movement and music, to engage your kids in the learning process, support their performance and keep all of them engaged, making teaching large varied classes a lot easier to teach.


24 May 2023    17:15 – 18:15    Register now

Reduce, recycle, reuse!

How to help young learners remember.

In this session I will share super practical ideas straight, from my own YL classroom, on how to reduce the amount of time needed to revise new language while increasing its effectiveness. We’ll look at how to recycle the vocabulary and grammar in an engaging way, and how to reuse a wide range of structures in different contexts. You’ll see that most of these activities require little or no preparation, so you can start using them with your young learners the very next day.

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